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Graphic Village Acquires Millennium Resources

Graphic Village is excited to announce our strategic acquisition of Millennium Resources, a provider of print marketing, fulfillment and training support services with a 20-year record of excellence serving a diverse base of national clients. Graphic Village and Millennium Resources have worked within several miles of each other and have taken notice of one another for many years. It was with great interest that Millennium Resources has watched Graphic Village become a leader in innovation and capabilities in the region.

Wanting career growth and opportunities for their valued employees and needing a broader span of support and capabilities to serve their client’s evolving and complex needs, Greg and Mary Kuntz took great care in seeking the right buyer for Millennium Resources. Their organization has built a mutual trust with the clients they serve, so transitioning to an organization that could build on their successes and offer expanded resources was very important to them.

“Knowing the company for many years and seeing their new state-of-the-art facility, we are very confident that this transaction is exactly what’s needed for our clients and our employees.”, says Greg Kuntz.

Larry Kuhlman, GV President, shares, “When Greg and Mary approached me with their interest in succession planning and a possible partnership, it was an easy decision. Knowing and understanding their business and the evolving needs of their clients, I could see the synergies between GV and their customer base.”

“Graphic Village is always looking for opportunities to broaden our array of services and deepen our relationships with our clients. When Larry introduced me to Greg and Mary and I learned about their business and their client methodology, it became clear that this was an excellent opportunity for GV to build upon our long-term vision”, says Eric Kahn, GV CEO.

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